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Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Pierce Brosnan protects the whales

Continuing the Hollywood love-in with one final posting featuring a famous actory-type person, it seems Bond, James Bond, has now stepped forward to help save the whales.

It seems various US politicians more than met their match when Pierce and his wife went to the White House to discuss a new Whale Conservation and Protection Bill under consideration in the States.

Writing about the visit on his website, the passionate whale conservationist said the legislation would make a "critical difference in protecting whales worldwide".

"These magnificent and intelligent mammals are under continuous threat," said the star, who is Global Whale Ambassador for the International Fund for Animal Welfare.

"There are few causes I feel more passionately about than protecting our planet's great whales and their ocean habitat because it directly affects us all.

"For if we cannot save such magnificent, intelligent, socially complex, gentle and sentient beings like the whales, how can we have any chance of saving the marine eco-systems that they live within? And ladies and gentlemen, if we cannot save the oceans, we will ultimately fail to save humanity for the simple ecological truth is, that if our oceans die, we will not survive as a species ourselves.

"It is up to each of us as individuals to lend a hand, and to do what we can to bring about the change we all believe in."

Well said, Brosser. Now if you wouldn't mind donning the tux and picking up the Walther PPK to do a number on the whaling boats like you did to Jonathan Pryce in Tomorrow Never Dies. There's a good fellow.

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