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Thursday, June 11, 2009

Elle's Bells

Far be it from me to miss an opportunity to get my childhood fantasy woman Elle MacPherson on these pages - but thanks to a facebook message from Bite-Back she is doing something for the welfare of our oceans.

'The Body' has joined a roll-call of stars, including Sienna Miller, Brad Pitt, Charlize Theron and brainbox Stephen Fry, campaigning to stop endangered bluefin tuna being served in celebrity restaurant Nobu.

see, she even likes the sea

According to Tim Ecott's piece in the Daily Telegraph, they have written to the restaurant's owner, Nobu Matsuhisa,asking that the expensive bluefin be removed from the menu because it is "an extremely endangered animal".

Graham Buckingham, founder of the marine conservation movement 'Bite-Back' (www.bite-back.com) told the Telegraph: "It's great news that high profile media personalities are joining the campaign for bluefin tuna.

"Fine, stop a few branches of Nobu selling bluefin tuna, but when it comes to teaching consumers about the sustainability of fish stocks we need to get the message across at a more basic level.

"Consumers tend to assume that if the supermarkets sell something then it can't be morally questionable. Perhaps unwittingly, the supermarkets are endorsing underwater genocide. I want to change the way Britain goes shopping."

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