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Tuesday, June 16, 2009

jessica Alba fights for great white sharks

First Elle MacPherson, now Jessica Alba.
You've got to hand it to Tinsletown's female elite, they are doing their bit for raising awareness of the plight of endangered underwater species.

The star of scuba diving movie Into the Blue was reported to have been photographed earlier this month putting up posters of great white sharks in Oklahoma, where she is shooting her new movie The Killer Inside Me, in an effort to draw attention to the species' dwindling numbers.

Following an outcry - over the posters not the slaughter of the sharks, heaven forbid there is any outcry to save Jaws - the 28-year-old "Fantastic Four" actress issued an apology for her actions and the owners of the properties on which Alba glued the posters said they didn't want to see her prosecuted.

In her apology released to EW.com, Alba said: “I got involved in something I should have had no part of. I realize that I should have used better judgment and I regret not thinking things through before I made a spontaneous and ill-advised decision to let myself get involved with the people behind this campaign.”
Hell, no Alba. Have the courage of your convictions. You were absolutely right to get involved. Without people in the public eye getting involved, these issues could be missed by the general public until it is too late.

Thanks to the Rad Report, the shark is actually called White Mike and he is the face of the campaign to protect Great Whites.

The posters have been appearing all over LA and Malibu.

In a message on his blog (go and visit, now) White Mike, he said: "Some have asked why these images of the Great White Shark were posted in Oklahoma, a place far away from the slaughtering waters off Ecuador’s Galapagos or the booming shark fin markets of Hong Kong.
"The reason is that illegal shark fin hunting affects the people of Oklahoma. It affects us all.
"There is a dire need for us as a human race to try and stop the devastation of the Great White Shark. International pressure is the only way to do it and that starts in Oklahoma, the heartland of America."
White Mike, if you are reading this, make the posters available for us to download in whatever size is possible, I'm sure there are a few of us in Blighty who will post them around our neck of the woods.

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