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Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Carl Spencer: a tribute

Friends of renowned cannock scuba diver Carl Spencer, who died while leading national Geographic's Britannic expedition have posted a moving tribute to him on Divernet.

Technical diving trainer and computer developer Kevin Gurr submitted his personal thoughts with the help of writer, underwater photographer and Spencer's fellow expedition-member Leigh Bishop.

All divers should read the memorial to one of the world's scuba diving pioneers.


JA said...


I'm learning about TecRec just now. Can you write a bit more about his legacy in the diving industry?

Thank you very much,

Absolutmark said...

Hi Ja

I'll get something together in the next few days or so following a bit of research but it's fair to say as pioneers go, he was at the forefront of much that is being discovered in and about the scuba diving industry. he is a great loss.