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Sunday, February 15, 2009

Strange Scuba Diving Behaviour

Is adventure in the world beneath the surface becoming a bit tedious? I only ask because it seems divers are on a quest to find the most bizarre thing to do underwater.
Following on from the Underwater Ironing record at Chepstow last month (watch the video, it is pretty impressive), two divers que'd up for a game of billiards beneath the waves in the Bay of Bengal
Sabir Bux, the scuba diver and Ahsan-ul-Haq, a billiards player, dropped an 8x4 sq feet green coated iron table in about 20 feet deep in the water and used six specialised balls during the play. Now they are too going for a world record.
Bux, 43, who runs Kalinga Divers, said: "This is the first of its kind attempt in the world. It was a trial match. We will play the final in the deep sea very soon to set a world record."

And then there was the breath-taking Scuba Diving Olympics in Florida.
The events included a parade, the 100 meter dive buddy tow, balloon lift, three-legged buddy race, bicycle event and obstacle course for professionals with proceeds supporting a new Special Olympic Swim team program at the pool.

Another US Sport claiming to be a worldwide contest but only featuring the Yanks. Or a bit of a laff that is sure to catch on elsewhere?
Let's hope British divers don't get carried away with a new competition - they are already in an on-going battle with the Aussies over the underwater ironing title.

The divers braved water temperatures of just 5C to carry out the attempt at the National Diving and Activity Centre.
They each had to iron one item of linen within a 10-minute time limit and 86 of them completed the task under the watchful eye of adjudicators, beating the previous world record of 72 set in Melbourne, Australia, last year.
Organiser Gareth Lock said the charity challenge is set to raise £10,000 for the RNLI - while raising awareness about the "joys" of underwater ironing.

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