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Wednesday, February 25, 2009


Ever fancied a taste of ocean exploration, a bit of daring-do while collecting data on sharks prowling the world's oceans?
Yes? But you don't want to leave your armchair?

It promises to be a game of "high stakes shark research" where "players take on the role of sharkrunners: daring and adventurous marine biologists who seek to learn as much as possible about sharks through advanced observation techniques".

It also guarantees to suck up hours of your life as you pilot your ship along the coast of who knows where looking for sharks.

The nice detail is that the game uses real-world telemetry data to provide the position and movement of actual great white sharks so every animal players encounter corresponds to a real shark out in the actual ocean.

The basics rules are that you get out on the ocean with your crew, plot a course and dive in with the sharks you encounter along the way. The boat journeys happen in real time so if your computer's on, you can leave it running until you pretend to jump in.

When you find a shark there are some nice videos and interesting facts that will keep kids happy and if it goes someway to reversing the slaughter of sharks by increasing interest in them then it's not such a bad thing.

And it appears some players are really into it - amassing trillions of dollars for their research work. Also check out Sharkrunners HQ for some interesting links to other websites.
Me, I've totalled about $7,000 and had a crew member chomped by Tiger Shark Kari. Oh well, no one said it was going to be easy.

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