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Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Scuba diving Pembrokeshire

Some good news just emerged regarding our upcoming scuba diving trip to Pembrokshire - a "superpod" of hundreds of dolphins has been captured on film by conservationists.

Eight volunteer members of the Sea Trust came across the "mile-long wall of dolphins" near the Smalls Lighthouse in the Irish Sea.

pic by Richard Crossen
According to their blog posting by Richard Crossen:

"Nearly two hours out from Neyland we had not seen a cetacean of any sort but then a pod of 50 or so Common Dolphins appeared and after a while they came over to us and several, including some calves, rode in the bow wave. A nice foretaste of things to come.
"A little later approaching the Smalls Lighthouse things really got exciting as there were several thousand Gannets milling around and fishing.

Under them there were really large numbers of Common Dolphins and as we motored along we just kept seeing more and more – some close to the boat and others some way off. Sea conditions were rather choppy so it was difficult to gauge numbers but best estimate was of 1500 plus animals strung out over a mile or so with a range of ages from small calves to full adults. Needless to say a real spectacle!"
Footage of the superpod has appeared on the BBC website as well.

I just hope they have stayed around for us this weekend.

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