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Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Scuba divers: S-2 submarine wreck pictures

A team of scuba divers has found the long lost wreck of a Soviet sub that sank after hitting a mine in the Baltic sea almost 70 years ago.
The team of Swedish and Finnish divers announced the discovery of the S-2 earlier this month but I've just discovered some amazing pics of the wreck.

The crew of 50 were lost on January 3 1940 when the sub hit a mine as she navigated icy waters near the Aland islands during the Soviet Union's year-long war against Finland.
The team of divers were reported to have spend a decade searching for the wreck.
Found in February, the discovery was kept secret until earlier this month when she had been positively identified.

Divers found shipyard production number, 267, and a Soviet hammer and sickle, clinching evidence that it was the missing S-2 sub.
"My feelings were mixed," diver Marten Zetterstrom told Reuters about finding the vessel. "There it was, this war machine that was built to take ships down. I was happy, sad, depressed and elated all at once."

Gazing at these pics, you can't help but wish to have the skill and experience to do the same.


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