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Tuesday, July 7, 2009

scuba diving fortnight

It’s been a bit quiet on here of late and I can only apologise but with the weather in the UK so good I left the comfort of the comfy study chair to go scuba diving.

And it’s been a good few weeks - despite the odd problem.

There was the:
Try using the manual functions on my camera properly dive
I got lost in the bloody quarry I’ve dived hundreds of times because I didn't take my compass dive
someone didn’t do the zip up on my old drysuit properly dive
How many pike in the reeds? dive
Viz is so bad and it got so dark I thought I was about to plough into the wall dive
Dash off from work on time so I can make a dive dive
Viz is so bad the water turned a muddy brown dive
Chris Dean is better at taking photos than me dive
I wish I had his strobe and wide-angle lens dive
I’ve finally got my ‘suit of choice’ drysuit back dive

As you can imagine, some frustrating times and interesting lessons learned - but every minute spent underwater is time well spent.

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