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Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Scuba diving boat sinks

Oh the irony! A group of divers preparing for a wreck diving trip off Bolt Head near Salcombe, Plymouth, had to be rescued - when their boat sank.
And here are the first murky pictures of the new wreck resting on the bottom of the sea.

Ten members of London-based dive group Dive Wimbledon and two crew had to be rescued on Saturday afternoon when the dive boat Aquanaut sank in just eight minutes.

Divers from Aquanauts dive centre, who own the vessel, have since returned to her to recover diving equipment belonging to the London group saving about £12,000 worth of kit. It will now be assessed to see if it can be re-floated or left on the seabed.

Skipper Douglas Allen told the Plymouth Herald: "I'm really upset about losing the boat, I've put my heart and soul into it over the years. But I'm glad that everyone is okay and I hope we can find a replacement quickly so that Aquanauts can keep diving.

"It's been great that the divers who have gone back out to the wreck site over the past couple of days have been successful in retrieving so much."

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