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Saturday, January 2, 2010

Ocean's Twelve - The Bite Back calendar

Ocean's Twelve. I think we can all agree that behind bars is where George Clooney and his crew should have ended up after this travesty of a sequel.

Well thanks to shark lovers group Bite-Back you can erase all unhappy memories with a much better version - the 2010 calendar.

Twelve of the world’s most remarkable, award-winning, underwater photographers have joined forces to support the shark and marine conservation organisation, creating a spectacular 2010 fundraising calendar celebrating the oceans and drawing attention to urgent marine conservation issues.

As founder Graham Buckingham wrote: "This is an extraordinary collection of images from an extraordinary group of individuals. We're proud to have their support for our pioneering campaigns and grateful for the opportunity to share their profound observations and wisdom."

And if that wasn't enough, Bite-Back fan, Dom, has created this film featuring images from this year’s Bite-Back calendar along with shots from previous years.

Bite-Back has had a fantastic 2009 encouraging the likes of Waitrose to halt the sale of swordfish and fish restaurateur Rick Stein to stop selling shark. So if anyone is deserving of your £7.99 +p&p its this group. Buy your calendar here.

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