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Friday, January 15, 2010

Are you addicted to scuba diving?

Website Aquaviews have come up with a list of things which will let you know whether you are addicted to scuba diving or not. Here are ten of my faves.....

You Know you’re Addicted to Scuba Diving When..
1. You physics at schools but you can amazingly calculate the partial pressure of a gas in equilibrium and its solubility and absorption rate by the body during a dive using Henry’s Law
2. Every morning the sound of shaving foam (psshhhht) makes you want to go diving.
3. You have more Cert cards than credit cards in your wallet.
4. You’re more worried about your divers insurance payments than your health insurance.
5. You see a perfectly good ship and think that would make a nice wreck to dive in.
6. You spend most of your time picking apart the unrealities in the latest Hollywood diving flick rather than watching the movie.
7. You answer “Suunto” when asked what kind of computer you use.
8. You spit on your car windshield to prevent it from fogging up.
9. When you think your neighbors’ vacation to Belize was a waste of money cos they didn’t do any Scuba Diving.
10. You can’t remember your wedding anniversary but always know when Discovery Channels “Shark Week” is on.
For the rest of the list click here.

Let me what others you can think of.

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Anonymous said...

what about a hot bath doesn't hold the same appeal as a cold quarry