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Friday, April 24, 2009

Scuba Diving: 180 metres on Yolanda

Most of us UK scuba divers will have dived Shark and Yoland Reef.
Yolanda is one of the most popular sites in Ras Mohammed, in the Red Sea and most of us will have pics of the rows of bathtubs and porcelain toilets - and even the captain's BMW - that were dumped on the sea bed when the ship hit the reef in April 1980.

But what about the rest of the wreck?

The ship initially stood have out of the water was pushed to 50m at the start of 1987 following a big storm and then disappeared into the blue in March the same year.
And there she lay, out of site for more than 20 years.

The wreckage was discovered in 2007 by Leigh Cunningham who conducted several dives on the site and pinpointed its actual position and documented some of the wrecks intricacies.

Now a video has surfaced on YouTube of techie scuba diver Oxana Istratova and the Red Sea Explorers Team heading down to the depths and showing what's left of the Cypriot merchant ship.

The divers started the dive at 757 and spent a total of 261 minutes in the water. They documented the trip in great detail and aside from Oxana having a leak in her dry suit leaving her pretty cold on the last segment of the decompression, it went smoothly.

For a full report of the dive by Oxana and Faisal log on to Red Sea Explorers. It also includes the full run time schedule of the dive and the deco gases they used - and the best dive profile graph you could possibly have.

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