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Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Scuba Diving in Dosthill

So you want to know what it's like to scuba dive in Dosthill at the start of the season? Simple, follow these three easy steps.

Step One: Open tin of Campbell's Pea Soup
Step Two: Pour Campbell's pea soup in large bowl
Step Three: Throw face into cold Campbell's pea soup

If you managed to keep your eyes open long enough, you probably had better viz than we did at the weekend.
BUT amazingly, on my first pleasure dive there for a while (it's mostly been teaching dives in the past couple of years) I saw more freshwater marine life than ever.

The purpose was two-fold, try out my new drysuit and get my other half back into UK diving before hitting the coast next month. And with the Spring sun blazing away it was perfect to just sit and chill.

she looks more glamorous in normal clothes, honest

Despite the water temperature not getting much higher than about 8C -my wife's fingers go numb in anything under the 'tropical' setting - we still had a blast. Well, at least I did.
First dive, I decided to leave the camera behind so I could focus on her and two thirds along the west wall, heading towards the hidden platforms at about 10m down we saw the huge eel lying on the bottom. Six years I've been diving in Dosthill and the closest I have come is the tale end in the hollow in the tree but her she was sunning herself in the shallows.
Then there was the jack pike, giant perch, golden carp and the two giant pike. It's no wonder fishermen want to get their rods out.
Luckily the second dive yielded the same sights as the first, sans eel, so at least the camera got an outing. Oh well, can't be too greedy.

Say what you want about the dive site - yes it is basic, yes there is not as much down there to look at, yes the toilets are crap, yes I've dived it so much there is little to explore any more, but it is a perfect training ground and the fish life has increased massively.

And they make the best bacon buttie!

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