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Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Diver Airlifted from Solmali wreck

A diver was airlifted to Aberdeen with suspected decompression sickness after a rapid ascent while on the Somali wreck off Seahouses
According to the Coastguard, the divers had been diving at depths of 28.4 metres when the incident occurred on Sunday afternoon.
Although initially it appeared the 33-year-old from Leeds might only need medical assistance from a local hospital, his condition began to deteriorate.
After receiving medical advice, Humber Coastguard requested that RAF Rescue Helicopter 131 be sent from RAF Boulmer to transfer the diver to the hyperbaric unit at Aberdeen Royal Infirmary.
Humber Coastguard Watch Manager Graham Dawson said: "Although the temptation if you, or one of your diving party suffers from decompression sickness will be to seek medical advice in the first instance, you should always contact the Coastguard via VHF channel 16 to allow us to locate your vessel and provide the most rapid response."

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