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Friday, December 3, 2010

Two sharks caught off Sharm El Sheikh after attacks

REUTERS news agency and other are reporting on Thursday night that Egyptian conservation workers hunted down and captured two sharks that attacked four people in the space of two days at Sharm El Sheikh

Environment Ministry staff said the sharks matched descriptions made by divers who rescued the three Russians and one Ukrainian after the attacks near Sharm El Sheikh on Tuesday and Wednesday.

"The predator shark is 2.5 metres in length, of grey colour and white abdomen, characterized by sharp teeth ... and by a partial cut to the dorsal fin," a ministry report said.

So it looked like a shark then.

The Environment Ministry said the 12-member conservation crew caught the first shark near Sharm, which draws divers from across the world to explore its clear waters, abundant coral and exotic fish.

The second was caught later by local state environmental officers.

Sadly for divers who use this area, the sharks were captured and KILLED. So much for the 'catch it and release it somewhere else policy'.

Initial report suggested one oceanic white-tip was responsible so how they have come to land two sharks is a bit of a mystery. I just hope the authorities can control themselves and fishermen and leave it be now.

As divers, the chance of seeing a shark is an amazing opportunity. They are already disappearing in numbers as illegal fishermen in the area reduces the food supply.

While it is a tragedy for those individuals who have been injured or maimed, let us not use them as an excuse to commit further atrocities on the shark population in the Red Sea. They are facing enough threats as it is without a gung-ho attitude from the authorities.

A swimming ban along part of the coast remained in force.

Egypt's Environment Minister Maged George said the sharks would be examined for research purposes and embalmed for display at a visitor centre in South Sinai.



i agree we shouldnt use this as an excuse to commit more authorities against these beings. after all they are confused at best. i bet they were more afraid of the divers than we are afraid of them... the freaked out especially that the attacks took place outside of their regular environment/habitat

my condolences for the victims and their families..

sherif egypt

Luxury Traveler said...

Whoa... Are there really a lot of shark attacks in Sharm el Sheikh? Well, I think it's safe at Four Seasons Hotel Sharm so I still would wanna go there.