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Friday, December 10, 2010

Latest on shark attacks in Sharm el Sheikh

THE experts called in to examine the Jaws-like drama in Sharm el Sheikh have suggested two sharks were involved in the attacks, according to the CDWS.

In a statement, the organisation said scientists had indicated that their findings, up to now, suggest one oceanic whitetip shark and one mako shark were responsible.

And they have suggested four factors which may have contributed to the behavioural change in sharks involved in attacks. They include the following:

*One or more incidents of illegal dumping of animal carcasses in nearby waters

*Depletion of natural prey in the area caused by overfishing

*Localised feeding of reef fish and/or sharks by swimmers, snorkellers and some divers

*Unusually high water temperatures in Sharm el Sheikh

The statement continued: "The three international shark experts are continuing to work with authorities in Egypt to determine the causal factors involved in the spate of shark attacks in Sharm el Sheikh.

"The team is progressing with its scientific research and is verifying available data, as well as evidence gathered through eye witness reports from people both in the water and at the shore at the time of each of the five attacks on snorkellers.

"CDWS would like to make it clear these are NOT the final conclusions, and that the investigation is still ongoing. The CDWS would also like to underline that it has NOT been, or will be, involved in any shark hunts.

"The scientific work is currently in phase one: the diagnostic phase. Once this is complete, phase two will involve the exploration of options to deal with the factors of the diagnostic phase. The third phase will be the implementation of chosen options. Phase four will cover the long-term measures that will be taken."

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