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Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Sea turtle finds lost camera and films himself

Now, it's not the best underwater footage you're ever going to see. But considering it was shot by a turtle, you will probably understand.

The footage has become a YouTube sensation after it helped reunite a diver with his lost camera following an epic 1,100 mile journey.

Royal Dutch Navy sergeant Dick de Bruin lost the camera while he was exploring a wreck off the tropical island of Aruba last year.

Amazingly, he was reunited with the camera more than six months later after a Florida coastguard Paul Shultz spotted it washed up in a Key West Marina and plucked it from the water on May 16.

Thanks to some impressive detective work he managed to track down the owner.

And what of the mysterious video clip? It seems the camera was mistaken for a meal by a hungry sea turtle who inadvertently switched it on trying to shake it off after becoming entangled in its strap and filmed a five-minute section of itself swimming with.

The video footage has now been viewed more than 490,000 times on YouTube.

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