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Saturday, June 26, 2010

Psychic Octopus predicts England World Cup exit

I didn't know how I was going to do this until I came across this story but I have finally managed to link scuba diving, marine life and the World Cup.

And it's all thanks to Paul the Psychic Octopus.

Apparently when consulted, Paul predicted that Germany would knock out England when they meet in Bloemfontein in the last 16 on Sunday.

And how did he do this? He chose a mussel from a jar with the German flag on it ahead of one in a similar jar bearing the cross of St George.

The container that Paul opens first is said to be his pick for who will win the impending match, keepers say.

The two-year-old cephalopod from the Tanja Munzig Oberhausen Sea Life Aquarium, has a record of predicting past German results in this manner, his owners say.

Paul has so far correctly predicted all of Germany's results in South Africa, predicting Germany would beat Australia in their opening match, then lose to Serbia, and then beat Ghana. is keepers say he correctly predicted 80 per cent of Germany's results during the 2008 European Championship.

"Paul's prediction was phenomenal," said aquarium spokesman Tanja Munzig.
"He swam straight over to the German glass, climbed in and even put a lid on top once he was sitting inside."

Some might say that he is a bit of a traitor though - he was born in the UK before being moved to German aquarium.

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