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Monday, March 21, 2011

Twinset technical diving

The twins are here!

No, not those kind (Ben, you know who you are and I refuse to follow your sleazy lead).

I meant this kind. Twin cylinders for deeper and longer - technical - diving.

After three months of planning, saving and negotiating, I saw the final piece of the jigsaw, the cylinders, arrive at the weekend.

Smiling like a kid at Christmas, I spent all Sunday putting the unit together.

Okay, its together of a fashion and Aquasport technical diving guru Mark Dean Will have to give it the once over to make sure it is shipshape, but I am so excited.

So what do we have?

Starting with the cylinders, they are twin Faber 12lt banded together with an MDE manifold. The wing is a Hollis dual bladder bungeed air cell (okay some techie divers will no doubt be rolling their eyes at both the brand and the bungee but they are pros and cons to both), with a Hollis steel backplate and Hollis switchback harness. Both sets of regs are Poseidon Xstream Deep first and second stages.

Well, the system needs a few tweaks to the its assembly to stop one of the bolts digging into my back. And I need a long hose for one of the regs and an SPG. I'm still debating whether to get a backplate pad for comfort despite the suggestion it was a bit girlie.

Now all I need to do is add water.

So to the pool this Wednesday it is to get comfortable and tweak the straps for comfort. Then it is to Dosthill at the weekend with two techie regulars for a proper blast.

And why a twinset. Having certed as an instructor last year, and working throughout the summer and winter (yes, I was teaching in January in 5C of water!) I decided that I needed to keep a slice of UK diving for myself and this is it.

There is also the small trip to Scapa Flow later this summer. More on that later.

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