JANUARY 2011: My Surface Interval named one of the best scuba diving blogs

Friday, January 7, 2011

My Surface Interval voted 'Top Blog'

The New Year started with some great news for My Surface Interval - we've been voted one of the world's top scubas diving blog.

The blog was handpicked by the Guide to Online Schools after they scoured the tinterweb for the sites that covered the sport.

Their verdict? "Surface Interval is what this diver does when he’s not underwater—he blogs. Other scuba enthusiasts will love this blog for its frequent news updates and reports from this divers experiences underwater."

Not bad for something run from the back bedroom in between the real job and diving.

Here are the thoughts on some other sites they recommend:

Channel Islands Scuba is all about diving in the Channel Islands, but is also the best representation of scuba diving blogs.
Why We Love It: This site is literally jam-packed with information about diving, photos, advice, and news. This site is worth reading every day, because you will learn something about diving, be inspired, or be simply amazed.

Kona Scuba Diving is a blog by Steve, a diver and dive shop owner in Kona, Hawai'i.
Why We Love It: Hawai'i has some of the best and most easily accessible diving in the world. This blog can bring it even closer to home with the great posts and lovely photos.

Neutral Buoyancy is the blog of a diver and traveler from the Pacific Northwest.
Why We Love It: Brian loves to scuba dive, and often travels just to dive and take the photos he posts on his blog. Each diving post is full of information and photos that other divers can use. He also sprinkles his own random musings in the blog, which makes for a great read.

Oceanic Dreams caters to the dreams of many divers—swimming with sharks.
Why We Love It: Swimming with sharks can be exhilarating—and terrifying. Live vicariously through this blog, which specializes in photos and news articles about sharks, how to dive with them, where to go, and what not to do.

Optical Ocean comes from Jack Connick, a diver and underwater photographer.
Why We Love It: Jack Connick is a great photographer, and isn’t stingy about posting his photos on the blog. If you’re interested in underwater photography—professionally or just to better document your vacations—his site is worth reading for advice about gear and taking photos in general.

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