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Friday, February 12, 2010

ONE of the web's top underwater photography sites, DivePhotoGuide.com, has launched a free series of comprehensive underwater photography tutorials written by professional underwater photographers.

"Whether you're just beginning in underwater photography, simply looking to improve or fine tuning your established skills, the DPG underwater photography guide is designed to provide practical underwater photography tips, equipment requirements, and lighting techniques that you can put to use the next time you hit the water," the website states.

It includes all manner of hints and tips for shooting everything from wide angle to macro to helping with strobes thanks to articles from some of the world's top underwater toggies including Dave Doubilet and Alex Mustard.

Check out that image - an example of close focus-wide angle "high impact" photography.

In one of the articles ,Alex Mustard offers a tutorial on making the most of the "classic technique to produce attention grabbing underwater photographs" including the best kind of kit to use and strobe positioning to get the best out of lighting.

Read it and be amazed at his images, it will make you desperate to get into the water with your camera.

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