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Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Sharm El Sheikh scuba diving video

Well here it is, the premiere of me first underwater video.

I didn't think I needed the red carpet or a world first at Leicester Square, just a quiet opening and hope word of mouth catches on.

But with some movie Avi-something-or-other about blue people that looks a bit like Dances With CGI by that bloke that made that rubbish underwater movie Abyssmal*, I'm not expecting big grosses at the Box Office.

On a serious note, as the newspaper industry is pushing more on the multi-media front and I am producing more web-based video content, I thought I would have a little play for myself with the video function of the Canon G9 underwater to see what I could come up with as a little movie of our diving holiday.

On the plus side, the quality of the video footage (technical that is, not necessarily the camera work) isn't bad and I'd like to think the editing is okay, thanks to idiot-proof Windows Movie Maker (although I do prefer Adobe Premiere we use at work).

But I did learn that if underwater videos are something that you want to take a tad more seriously then a lot more footage is needed and some planning needs to be made as to what you want and how to get it.

I hadn't planned for any entry shots so in the end had to make do with some stuff filmed for a bit of fun by my wife while she stayed on board for one of the dives; the hustle and bustle of the port is not particularly well captured from the boat; and there is nothing of anyone getting their kit together or the dive briefing.

Also with the wealth of marine life down there, I didn't capture as much of that as needed, as I seemed more intent on stills than video.

That said, I am really proud to have captured the giant shoal of glass fish and the ray at the cleaning station.

Keeping the camera still and avoiding too much panning/movement makes things neater and it would also pay to have a much bigger memory card. That way I could have started shooting and left it running, rather than creating a wealth of short clips, that would have given more scope for playing when it came to editing.

That said, I did enjoy the experience of shooting and editing and it has given me more ideas for next time. Hope you enjoy. Any hints, tips comments greatly appreciated.

* In all seriousness, The Abyss really has to be the best underwater movie ever.

Or do you prefer Finding Nemo........?

The Life Aquatic with Steve Zissou..................?

Or Fools Gold with the lovely Kate Hudson?

What about Into the Blue with Jessica Alba and some other people?

Or maybe you are old school and prefer The Deep with Jacqueline Bisset? Discuss.


kimberly said...
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