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Thursday, November 5, 2009

I'm back

It’s been a funny two months and I would first ask if you please forgive me for being somewhat absent but proposed changes at work have zapped an enormous amount of my time.
Things are still not finalised but the picture has become a lot clearer and the future looks a bit more certain.
Despite the difficulties, my diving has not diminished - it’s the one guaranteed release from all of the stress - and I have racked up plenty more time blowing bubbles.

And there’s been a lot happening in the blue world while I've been otherwise detained.
Palau has declared itself a shark sanctuary - and begs the question if a tiny island nation can recognise the dangers and act WHY can’t the rest of the world.
The Maldives government held a cabinet meeting underwater to raise awareness of global warming - - begging the question, if a tiny island nation can recognise the dangers and act WHY can’t the rest of the world.
Stoney Cove sank a new wreck - begging the question.......oh no, nothing for the rest of the world to learn there.
And some mad Turkish diver has broken the world record for the spending the most amount of time underwater.

I've also just come back from two weeks of sun, sea and diving in Egypt where me and fantastically excitable Hungarian instructor braved pumping currents to dive the sites missing from the guidebooks (more on that in the next few days) and some of the best diving I've done for a while.

Well, it’s nice to be back and I will be posting with my usual regularity before too long.
Oh, and thanks to a Divemaster I met while away, I have decided to complete my Open Water Instructors course (more on that in the next few days as well).

So it's off to hit the books again.

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