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Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Celebrity chef Rick Stein stops selling shark

VICTORY for the seas - Rick Stein has stopped selling shark.
But more on that in a mo. First a quick apology for not being here for a while - but diving and working have zapped much of my time in the past fortnight.

I spent a couple of sessions showing new Aquasport instructor Tim around Dosthill Quarry and which areas we use for students' training and on both occasions we saw the massive pike.

If only I had taken my camera. Down deep and dark left something to be desired what with poor viz but it was interesting freely navigating around the bottom - but we did hit all of the 'sights' that Dozzie has to offer.

But back to business and a breakthrough for marine conservation charity Bike Back.
After eight months of unrelenting pressure they have finally got celebrity chef Rick Stein to stop selling shark meat at his restaurants in Padstow, Cornwall.
Campaign director Graham Buckingham, said: “The message is getting through to businesses that sell shark products. Already we’ve seen restaurants, supermarkets and health-food stores take Bite-Back’s message on board and change they way they operate in favour of dwindling shark populations.
“In the developed world, people baulk at the thought of buying or owning a tiger skin rug or ivory. Now the race is on to achieve the same mind-set for the purchase and general consumption of certain marine life including shark, swordfish, marlin and turtles.”
Despite the success, he pointed out that his restaurant continues to serve fish including Hake, Haddock, Skate and Plaice – each identified by the Marine Conservation Society as being ‘at risk’.

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