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Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Scuba Diving Dosthill

Back in front of my computer again after a manic week at work what with people being shot, a man being found with what he feared was a bomb strapped to his chest and another cannabis factory being busted.
A reporter's life is not a happy one. Well technically that's not true. It's a great job - even if it means standing on street corners for hours on end.

Despite the manic week, I still managed to get a scuba diving session in the pool in to help a recently qualified diver get more practice in a dry suit and dump a few pounds of weight at the same time. And my wife and I got in another trip to Dosthill to give her a bit more practice UK diving again in readiness for a trip next month.

No camera this time but we still managed to see an awful lot, pike, perch, carp, golden orf. And I showed her a bit of the quarry she had not seen before, skirting the edge of the bowl at 17m to take in the cars, Land Rover, tree and van. She also got to see the wall that leads to the back shelf as well.

Thanks to Lee Hatton there is a new map of Dosthill which is well worth checking out and might provide a few new spots you may have missed.

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